7/3 Monday - Intro to O'Donovan

Independent: Students will be able to understand the basics of the Google drive through watching a series of tutorials and completing a challenge activity with 80% or higher.

Collaborative: Students will be able to identify 3 things they learned from the student handbook by completing 80% or more of the graphic organizer.

Do Now: 
Mrs. Ibarra's Class: What is Google Drive? 
Ms. Cobb's Class: How can we use technology in the classroom? 

Whole Group: 
- Dissect today's Objectives - Do/What Chart 
- What is Google Drive? 
Task 2: Scroll down to "Accessing Google Drive" and read the instructions. 
Task 3: Scroll down to "The Google Drive Interface" and read the instructions. 
Task 4: Challenge. Go into your own Google Drive account and do the following: 

  1. Open  Google Drive
  2. Log into the Google Drive: Use your student username and password to log in.
  3. Notice on the left side, how much of your storage is used and how much is available?
  4. Where are you when you access these files? What devices do you access them with?
  5. Explore: Try clicking some of the menu options, like Shared with Me and Google Photos.

Are you an early finisher? If you finished the assignment early, please work on your typing by completing more typing tutorials. 

Student Handbook scavenger hunt 

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