7/5 Wednesday - Intro to O'Donovan

Independent: Students will be able to understand the basics of the Google drive through watching a series of tutorials and completing a challenge activity with 80% or higher.

Collaborative: Students will be able to identify 3 things they learned from the student handbook by completing 80% or more of the graphic organizer.

Do Now: 
What are two things you can do with Google Drive? 

Whole Group: 
- Dissect today's Objectives - Do/What Chart 
- What is Google Drive? 
Task 2: Read Steps 1 - 4
Task 3: Watch "Uploading and Syncing Files" 
Task 4: Read "Uploading Files to Google Drive" 
Task 5: Challenge. Go into your own Google Docs account and do the following: 

    1. Sign into your Google account
    2. Create a Google Doc
    3. Give it a title
    4. Write a paragraph (5 sentences) about your 4th of July experience.

Student Handbook scavenger hunt continued 

Early Finishers: Honesty Worksheet 

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