11/15 Wednesday

Guiding Question:
What did we learn about the Constitution?

Independent: Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the Constitution by completing a test with a score of at least 3/4. 

HSS.8.2.3 -Evaluate the major debates that occurred during the development of the Constitution and their ultimate resolutions in such areas as shared power among institutions, divided state-federal power, slavery, the rights of individuals and states (later addressed by the addition of the Bill of Rights), and the status of American Indian nations under the commerce clause.
HSS.8.2.6 - Enumerate the powers of government set forth in the Constitution and the fundamental liberties ensured by the Bill of Rights
HSS.8.3.6. Describe...how the Constitution provides numerous opportunities for citizens to participate in the political process and to monitor and influence government. 

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 2 minutes: 
Take out your study guides! 

Whole Group  (Voice Level 1-2) 40 minutes: 
Task 2: Read silently, play history trivia , contemplate the meaning of life. 


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