12/5-6 Thursday-Friday

Guiding Question: 
How did the Federalist Party use their power to attack their enemies? 

Collaborative:  Students will evaluate the Alien & Sedition Acts by reading, annotating, and giving and receiving feedback on parts of a CEAS paragraph. 

Independent: Students will understand the XYZ Affair by reading and responding to questions with at least 80% accuracy.

8.3.4 - Analyze the conflicts between the Federalists & Democratic-Republicans (e.g. Alien & Sedition Acts)
W.8.1 - Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
What does the term “Alien” mean? What do you think when you hear the word “alien”?
Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 10 minutes: 
Alien & Sedition Acts Notes
Independent (Voice Level 0) 45 minutes: 

Early Finisher?: 
- Have you finished all your history work in Google Classroom? FINAL grades are due in 2 weeks! 
- Play an iCivics game 
- Work on homework for another class
- Read a NewsELA, CNN, or Achieve article 
- Practice your typing 
- Read a book

Collaborative (Voice Level .5) 45 minutes:
Task 1: Alien & Sedition Acts Reading/Annotations
Task 2: Alien & Sedition Acts CEAS w/ Peer Feedback 

Exit Ticket (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
On board
Last opportunity to complete late work is December 17th!! 

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