6/26 Monday - Intro to O'Donovan

Independent: Students will be able to develop vocabulary and challenge their knowledge by completing a brainpop activity on bullying.

Collaborative: Students will be able to identify characteristics of a bullying and learn how to speak up against bullying by completing a graphic organizer with at least 80% accuracy.

Do Now: 
- What does it mean to be a bully? 

Whole Group: 
- Dissect today's Objectives - Do/What Chart 
- Today's Topic: Bullying

BrainPop - Bullying  - Watch this video, complete the vocabulary worksheet, and do the "challenge" in graded mode once you have watched the entire thing. 

BrainPop Username: 123Dog Password: 123Cat

Are you an early finisher? If you finished the assignment early, please work on your typing by completing more typing tutorials. 

Bullying Assignment 


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