6/27 Tuesday - Intro to O'Donovan

Independent: Students will be able to identify the importance of being an upstander to help prevent bullying by watch a video and completing the graphic organizer with 80% or more accuracy.

Collaborative: Students will be able to understand our school policies about bullying by collaborating with their peers to answer questions with at least 80% accuracy.

Do Now: 
- How does it make you feel when you see other people get bullied? 

Whole Group: 
- Dissect today's Objectives - Do/What Chart 
- Today's Topic: Bullying Continued

1. Make sure you are completing the front side ("Bullying Self Assessment") of the paper first to figure out whether or not you are acting inappropriately and should change your behavior. 

2. The Ned Show: Be an Upstander - Watch this video as you fill out the backside of the handout! 

Are you an early finisher? If you finished the assignment early, please work on your typing by completing more typing tutorials. 

Bullying Assignment 

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