4/5 Wednesday

Guiding Question: 
How did the debate over slavery begin to change the landscape of America?

Collaborative: Students will understand the steady attempts to abolish slavery by reading, annotating, and answering guiding questions with at least 80% accuracy. 


8.9 - Students analyze the early and steady attempts to abolish slavery and to realize the ideals of the Declaration of Independence.

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 2 Minutes: 
On the quarter sheet of paper that Ms. Cobb gives you, please answer the following question: How did the United States get the land of California, New Mexico, and Utah? 

Whole Class (Voice Level 0) 33 Minutes: 
Step 1: Read the source as a class 
Step 2: In your groups, answer the questions and define the vocabulary. As you answer the questions, highlight or underline the text evidence. 

Exit Ticket (Voice Level  0) 2 minutes: 
On the back side of your quarter sheet of paper, answer: "How is the issue of slavery starting to divide the country?" 

The "Debate Over Slavery" close read is due Thursday/Friday. 

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