8/16-17 Thursday-Friday

Guiding Question: 
How has the depiction of Native Americans changed over time? 

Collaborative: Students will understand how the depiction of Native Americans has changed over time by reading, discussing, and completing a HiCCEAS paragraph with a score of at least 3/4 according to the rubric. 

Independent: Students will demonstrate their current literacy level by completing an iReady diagnostic to the best of their ability. 

HSS.8.1 - Understand the major events preceding the founding of the nation 
RH.6-8.1 - Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
Do you think everything written in a history book is 100% true? Why or why not? 

Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 10 minutes: 
- Historiography intro
- iReady diagnostic intro 

Independent (Voice Level 0) 40 minutes: 
- This should take you two class periods, please take your time. Your progress will be saved and you will complete the diagnostic next Monday/Tuesday in independent station. 

Early Finisher?: Watch this video, read silently, complete homework for another class. 

Collaborative (Voice Level .5) 40 minutes:
Exit Ticket (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
Your HiCCEAS outline is your exit ticket today! 

Write your HiCCEAS paragraph, it is due Monday/Tuesday. 

Here is a rubric for HiCCEAS paragraphs. 

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