8/20-21 Monday-Tuesday

Guiding Question: 
What motivated European nations to settle in North America? 

Collaborative: Students will understand European Colonization by reading, completing a jigsaw chart and a travel poster with a score of at least 3/4 according to the rubric. 

Independent: Students will demonstrate their current literacy level by completing an iReady diagnostic to the best of their ability. 

HSS.8.1 - Understand the major events preceding the founding of the nation 
CCRA.R.1 – Read closely to determine what the text says explicitly and to make logical inferences from it
Do Now (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
How would you react if one day someone who spoke a language you had never heard before & looked like no one you had ever met showed up to your house? 

Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 10 minutes: 

Independent (Voice Level 0) 40 minutes: 

Collaborative (Voice Level .5) 40 minutes:
- European Colonization Jigsaw 

Exit Ticket (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
In at least three sentences, summarize how England, France, and Spain's colonies were different. 

European Colonization Webquest in Google Classroom. This is due by Friday at 11:59 p.m.

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