5/2-3 Thursday-Friday

Guiding Question: 
In what ways did women participate in the Civil War? 

Collaborative: Students will understand the role of women in the Civil War by reading and completing a CAASPP practice assignment with at least 80% accuracy.
8.10 - Students analyze the multiple causes, key events, and complex consequences of the Civil War. 

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 

Make a prediction: How do you think women participated in the Civil War?
Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 10 minutes: 
Women in the Civil War Notes

Collaborative (Voice Level .5) 80 minutes:
Task 1: Read "Women and the American Civil War", talk to the text
Task 2: Complete CAASPP practice packet

Exit Ticket (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes: 
On board

Missing work due by Friday! 

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