History Work 3/16-27

Hello scholars!

Here is what you are expected to complete via Google Classroom over the next two weeks. These assignments are simple and should be easy ways to earn a higher grade. If we need to stay closed longer than these two weeks, we will return to doing work that we'd normally do in history class. Lets make sure that we are completing assignments and reaching out to Ms. Cobb (ecobb@laalliance.org) if you need help! 

- Makeup work (Posted on Google Classroom Monday 3/16 and 3/23)
- Slavery & American Presidents AIM annotations & questions (Posted on Google Classroom 3/17 for odd classes and 3/18 for even) 
- Women's History Month Article & TDQs (Posted 3/19 for odd classes, 3/20 for even) 
- The 1619 Project AIM annotations & questions (Posted 3/24 for odd classes, 3/25 for even) 

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