10/5-6 Thursday-Friday

Guiding Question:
What ended the Revolutionary War?

Collaborative: Students will analyze the Battle of Yorktown by reading a secondary source and writing a news article with a score of at least ¾

Independent: Students will investigate Revolutionary War battles by completing a webquest with at least 80% accuracy.

CA HSS.8.1 - Understand the major events preceding the founding of the nation.
RH.6-8.2 - Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source
RH.6-8.4 - Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text
WHST.6-8.9 - Draw evidence from informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research
ELD B.6 - Reading closely literary and informational texts and viewing multimedia to determine how meaning is conveyed.

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes:
Objective tracker.
Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 5 minutes:
Battles Overview - Review valley forge & introduce Yorktown

Independent (Voice Level 0) 40 minutes:
Task 1: Battles of the American Revolution in Google Classroom.

Early Finishers: Complete any missing work, read the news, free choice Achieve article, read a book, watch this.

Collaborative (Voice Level .5 - 1) 40 minutes:
Task 2: Complete guiding questions
Task 3: Write news article to answer the question, “What led the Americans to victory in Yorktown?

Early Finishers: Read this.

Exit Ticket (Voice Level 0) 2 minutes:
Objective Tracker


Finish news stories.

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