9/7 Wednesday

Guiding Question:
How did the Great Awakening develop revolutionary ideas in the colonists?

Students will analyze the effects of the Great Awakening by watching videos and answering questions with at least 80% accuracy.

CA HSS 8.1.1 - Describe the relationship between the moral and political ideas of the Great Awakening and the development of revolutionary fervor.

Do Now (Voice Level 0) 2 minutes:

Take out a piece of paper and your homework if you did not give it to me yesterday.

Whole Group (Voice Level 0) 35 minutes:
Introduction to the Great Awakening. We will learn about the religious movement that rocked the colonies.

For the rest of class, you will need to use this form to watch the videos and ON A PIECE OF PAPER (because I doubt all of you will be able to finish in class) you will need to answer those questions.

- No, you do not need to write the question down, just number your answers.

- Yes, you need to write in complete sentences. The questions have sentence starters underneath them.

Once again, you should watch the videos and answer the questions that are on the form on a piece of paper.

Are you an amazing early finisher? Learn about tomorrow's topic by watching this. 

Finish Great Awakening video questions.

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