4/29 Monday

Instructions for Work with Substitute: 

**You will be taking the Battles Quiz on Wednesday** 

Task 2: Use the questions in the slides to highlight or underline the answers in the background essay of the reading packet. (The substitute should have passed this out to you, please politely remind them if they forgot). 

Task 3: Complete the Gettysburg Document Analysis Questions for Doc B, C, & D.(This is a separate paper from the reading packet that should have been passed out to you)    The document analysis questions are due today at the end of class! Please take a look at the helpful hints below. 

Helpful Hints: 
  • For Document D: The first question asks you about 1776 and what happened in that year. Think way back to the American Revolution unit...why do we celebrate the 4th of July? What did the Founding Fathers sign on the 4th of July? 
  • When writing your CEEEEL, you may not cite evidence from the background essay. The background essay does not share why Gettysburg was a turning point. 
  • A turning point is an event that causes significant change. Before the Battle of Gettysburg the Confederacy was winning, after Gettysburg the Union is winning. What evidence from the documents shows WHY that is happening? 
Task 4: Complete the Exit Ticket

Early Finisher? 
- Play a typing game 
- Complete Achieve articles 
- Watch CNN10 
- Work on homework for another class
- Study for the Battles Quiz on Wednesday 
- Complete any missing work on Google Classroom -- the 15 week grading cycle ends Friday and grades will be updated this week. 

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